New Hour for Women and Children LI seeks a college intern to help with direct service and advocacy. Learn to engage with vulnerable populations and make lifelong connections to engage with women and mothers impacted by the justice system. Students will have the opportunity to forge connections with members of the community who are often overlooked, including children of an incarcerated parent who possess tremendous potential. Some interns will be trained to attend workshops in the local jails by the second semester of their internship.

New Hour will continue to need support with activities and events organized to empower women, mothers, and
children impacted by the criminal justice system. This internship will also offer opportunities to foster relationships
with community organizations, tabling events and ensuring that New Hour is a presence at local community functions.
Responsibilities include providing logistical support for events and for administrative office support, as well as
interacting with children and moms. A minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week required. Graduate students only, must
have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and demonstrate strong writing skills and interpersonal skills. Transportation is required.
This internship will run through both the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters.  Please email a resume and cover letter to: Serena Liguori, executive director, at


New Hour is excited to announce our newest program--EMERGE: Empowering Methods for Effective Reentry, Growth, and Engagement. If you are a woman in re-entry, sign up to participate in this 12-week leadership and advocacy training program. Fill out this application and call us to set up an interview.

Meetings are every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our Brentwood, N.Y., office. Transportation and lunch will be provided, and a stipend will be given to all participants upon program completion. For details, call (631) 273-3300 or download our flyer.

Special thanks to the Long Island Community Fund's LIUU Fund for their support.


New Hour’s mission is to provide pre- and post-release services that promote successful community re-entry and family reunification for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women on Long Island. We offer comprehensive support and programming to women during and after incarceration to promote their well-being, strengthen their parenting skills, develop workplace skills, support and guide their educational goals, and help them embark on a path toward family reunification, health, stability, and self-sufficiency.

Want to make a difference and volunteer for New Hour? Complete our New Hour Volunteer Form and let us know how you can help.


New Hour for Women and Children of Long Island is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing pre- and post-release services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. From providing basic necessities to education, New Hour supports and empowers justice-impacted women to become a powerful force for good for their community.

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