Who We Are

New Hour was founded on Long Island to provide meaningful support to current and formerly incarcerated women, their children and families. We build community to promote successful reentry and lasting reintegration, and to reform unjust criminal justice system policies. We empower directly impacted people to use their experiences to effect change in the carceral system.    

Our Vision for Children, Mothers and Families

New HOUR's vision is to provide successful support for children and mothers during and after incarceration. We recognize the critical role mothers play—often as the primary caretaker for their children. We understand the need for specialized support for mothers whose pathways to prison or jail are often tied to domestic violence or substance abuse. By providing mothers with parenting skills, work skills, and wellness programs during and after incarceration, we seek to support healthy relationships and end the trauma that children of incarcerated mothers face.

Our History

In 2013, a small group of volunteers began mentoring women in the Riverhead Correctional Facility, one of the volunteers was Mrs. Patty Kraus. She and others quickly realized there were almost no re-entry or supportive services for women beyond minimal support for mothers. As a result Mrs. Kraus and her husband Mr. George Kraus became New Hour's founding donors working with Serena Liguori and founding board members to develop a vision plan for the creation of the organization.

Services and Programs

  • Long Island Jail Programming


  • Reentry Programming

  • Project Dignity

  • Monthly Support Group Meetings

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  • A New Way of Life

  • Belzer Charitable Trust

  • Capital One Giving

  • The Charles T. Bauer Family Foundation

  • Circle for Justice Innovations

  • FREE Her

  • The Jewish Communal Fund, Malka Fund

  • Galaxy Gives

  • The Good Neighbors Fund

  • The Knapp - Swezey Foundation

  • Laura B. Vogler Foundation, Inc.

  • Long Island Racial Equity Donor Collaborative 

  • LICF’s Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund

  • New York Community Trust

  • The New York Women's Foundation 

  • The Patrina Foundation
  • The Sunshine Foundation
  • UU Congregation Shelter Rock Women’s Committee

Learn more about New HOUR, and help provide support to women and children. For more information, contact us at ContactUs@NewHourLI.org or call (631) 273-3300.


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