Pamela Neely

Social Justice Coordinator

Pamela Neely is a proud member of New Hour for Women and Children and now works as our Social Justice Coordinator.  She successfully completed and graduated from our EMERGE Leadership and Advocacy Training Program. Pam took the training she received from EMERGE and developed a strong passion for advocacy. 


Pam spent a big part of her life involved with the criminal justice system. She’s made many steps on her journey and created positive changes in her life. She has experience with Prevention Case Management, Grant Funded Case Management, and utilizing information for monthly reportings. She also has experience with pre and post HIV/AIDs testing. 


Pam is a strong advocate, speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. She says, “Helping others is my life and I believe in what I do, we all at some point in our life need a second chance.” Pam never fails to bring a smile to the New Hour office. 


She also adores animals and takes time in her day to make sure all her cats are well fed.